Introducing Chalkboard

Share your code and collaborate with developers around the world

Chalkboard | Share your code and collaborate with developers around the world
Chalkboard | Share your code and collaborate with developers around the world

After 2 years, today I am very happy to introduce Chalkboard to the world. It’s available and ready to use on

Chalkboard is a safe home for you to find everything you need to create, store, and share code snippets in a fast and secure way. It’s a distraction-free writing space and for anyone who needs to get their codes down fast.

My motivation was to create something where I could apply my recent React studies and somehow contribute to the developer community. The experience has been fascinating, and again I learned a lot more than I expected.

Well, here are some features that Chalkboard brings to you:

Built For Sharing
Chalkboard lets you share your board via social networks — that’s it. You decide who and when will see your board.

Code Anything
Chalkboard supports multiple languages to make you even more comfortable writing code without worry.

Never Lose Your Progress
Your coding automatically saves as you type, even if you’re offline. It’ll always save, even if you forget to save before leaving.

Safe Ship Mode
Chalkboard sends your encrypted data using the quality of the best security services. Protecting your information is extremely important to us.

Unlimited Boards
For now, Chalkboard provides unlimited boards for free. It helps us keep the lights on so you can keep coding. Support Chalkboard right now!

Realtime Interaction
Real-time functionality is present in your favorite apps. All interactions deliver information as it happens — views, applauses, stars, comments.

More Productivity
Chalkboard is a platform for sharing any kind of code. It’s meant to help you get your thoughts down — and shared — fast.

Cross-Platform Support
Publish from your browser, mobile device, or any platform with our highly-rated application.

Open Source
Chalkboard is Open Source (MIT) and maintained by the community on GitHub. Help us keep this project open and inclusive.

That’s it. Now I hope you’ll get lost on our boards with awesome codes and super profiles. Do you want to star it, tweet it, or share it with anyone? So do it! This means a lot to me ♥


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